Here you will find my posts written in ‘Blook’ Form, i.e. beginning at the beginning as reading as though it was a book.

I hope you will enjoy my travels.

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One comment on “Chapters

  1. Many thanks for the time and effort you take to share your experiences and photos. I spent two months in Egypt just before the ‘changes’ in january 2011…so I was there about the same time you were… I took a flat on the West Bank in Luxor for 6 weeks and visited many of the sites you did and very much appreciate your comments and additional information. I made friends with a family in Luxor and was able to drive a private car north to Dendera and Abyodos, visiting local famlies on the way, and later drive south to Aswan and Abu Simbel.. driving the highways.. with seldom marked speed bumps.. driving the desert run south of Aswan.. and driving the back streets and villages at night makes Egypt a ‘real experience’ in a unique way. If you ever get to drive there I recommend following the small combi buses.. the bus drivers know all the speed bumps and slow down in time to keep from losing the entire undercarriage of your car.. I found it was considered ‘rude’ to drive at night with your headlights on.. I suspect because my friend apparently had never heard of cleaning the windshield, which I did behind his back whenever we stopped.. and a dirty windshield cannot be seen in the lights of an oncoming care at night.
    I arrived in Egypt with zero background from Shangahi, after spending 6 weeks in the Gobi and quickly became involved in everything there. I took over 30,000 photos and have been reading and searching the web endlessly since. I hope to return to Egypt soon.. one plan is to take a room across from the entrance to the sphinx for maybe 4 weeks and enter every day over and over until I can actually ‘see’ what I am looking at.. again.. many thanks for your most interesting blog…Fritz in Vancouver Canada

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