SuHi, I’m Su and this blog is an extra to my website about the archaeological sites of Egypt:
Egyptian Monuments

I live in Cornwall, UK, and as much as I love it here I also love to get away once or twice a year to Egypt. I am passionate about the history of Egypt and its archaeology and my main hobby is photography. Over the past fourteen years of travelling around Egypt I have taken thousands of photographs – re-visited the sites over and over to get that perfect picture. Now I’ve graduated to digital images and that’s my excuse for visiting all my favourite places all over again.

 In 1995 I started a journal of each trip. The first visit of course made the biggest impression on me, but I kept writing each time I went there and this is what this blog is about. It’s a record of my visits, how the country has changed over the years and a bit of history about the sites thrown in. There will also be links to my photographs which don’t appear on my other website, to give a taste of the country rather than just the Egyptian Monuments.

I hope you enjoy reading it!


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  1. Dear Su,

    My name is Mona Hossny, I’m Egyptian and I work at Cultnat (Center for documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage) in Egypt. We are the ones that did “Eternal Egypt” web site and now we’re working on a magazine also called “Eternal Egypt”. It is a bit like the “National Geographic” in the sense that it is pictorial, articles based on very high quality pictures. It is about Egyptian cultural and natural heritage throughout all historic times. I’m writing here to ask if you would like to write articles for us and provide photography. Through your site and blog I sensed your immense passion for Egypt and it would be an honor to have your work on our pages. Thank you for reading my message and I’ll be waiting for your kind reply.

    Best regards,

    Mona Hossny

  2. Dear Ms. Bayfield,

    Love your website!!! (I am envious of your many explorations around Egypt)….

    I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee — home of Elvis — the “other” king)….

    Anyway, I am searching for a digital image (or scan!) of the stela left in situ in the tomb of Nefersekheru at Zawyet el-Maiytin (A.K.A., Zawyet el-Amwat, or modern Zawyet Sultan) showing the goddess Astarte on horseback, wearing an Atef crown, and holding a sword/lance in one hand above her head and another weapon (lance or spear) in her other hand just above the horse’s head….

    I am trying to put together a catalog of images for my dissertation (“The Worship of Syro-Canaanite Deities in New Kingdom Egypt”)…. Full credit will be given to all who allow the use of a photograph — and this is NOT for publication or for profit — but will be included in UMI (University of Michigan photocopy of dissertations)……

    Thank you for your consideration of this request. I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

    Robert 🙂

    • Hi Robert

      Many thanks for your comment. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photographs inside Nefersekheru’s tomb, so I have no images from there, but I think I remember seeing the stele. I can’t even remember seeing a published photograph of the stele. I wish you all success with your dissertation, an interesting subject.
      Best regards

  3. Dear Su

    You have put together the most wonderful and useful website for anyone planning a trip to Egypt. I have been there just once and I am now planning a trip with a colleague. We are both scholars (an archaeologist and a Biblical historian) but we are not Egyptologists. We are planing on crossing from Israel to Egypt at Taba and travelling with a car & driver to Qantir and Da’aba and finding a decent place to stay around there for probably just one night (at the most two). We then need to get to Luxor (fly, train or car). You are obviously such a veteran traveller, do you have any great advice/tips for us?

    Thanks Norma

  4. Hi Su

    We had a cruise down the Nile to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary. Like you, I have been smitten by all things Egypt and can’t get my hands on enough books / articles to read.

    I read on your blog that you did a course on Egyptology. Would you be able to provide me with details?

    I also read that you had a notebook full of things you wanted to see and photograph. I am going to produce something similar so that I don’t miss anything the next time. It s certainly very difficult to take everything in on your first trip.



    • Hi Steve
      Many thanks for your comment. I’m glad you had such a great time in Egypt. The course I did is no longer available but there is a very good online Certificate course at Manchester. This is the URL:

      My notebooks have served me well over the years and eventually turned into a website at http://egyptsites.wordpress.com. Here I try to research and write about every site I visit. Of course they just keep growing and the list of sites to visit never seems to get any shorter. I just have to keep going back. Beware, Egypt becomes a compulsion!

      Best regards

  5. Dear Su

    I read your blog 1995-1996-1997 ( In Cha Allah I will proceed with all the rest ) you cannot imagine how I was enchanted and pleased. Your description is really fantastic, I enjoyed every word every letter of it.
    While reading your description , it was not my imagination that was working, it was my spirit, because I have myself visited all the sites and places you mentioned so I was there again with my full presence and this made me live the moments as you did.
    I am an Egyptian engineer, my wife is an Egyptologist, and we are proud of you passion for Egypt.

  6. Hi I m not long back from holiday on the nile and one of the places we visited was the New El Sultan Perfume factory in Aswan.Amongst the things we bought was Amber which is supposed to help with
    restless sleep, insomnia anxiety etc but we haven t got any instructions as to how to administer.Can anyone help. Iris

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