4 comments on “Kanais

  1. I made a comment long time ago ( Maybe two years) saying that being an Egyptian myself I am amazed by all the detailed and wonderful description you are making.
    I am proud and happy that an English lady loves my country so much.
    Now I noticed that pictures follow the comments a thing that makes them become more realistic and impressive.
    Thanks and please never stop visiting Egypt.

  2. Hello Su

    I must admit I seldom visit blogs, however yours is most interesting and has provided me with some inspiration for my visit to egypt this year. I have a brief question are you a student of egyptology or just another of the many fascinated fanaticts of this long lost culture (me included)?
    Anyway thanks for the inspiration and well done.


    • Hi Gian

      Many thanks for your comments. In answer to your question, yes, I have studied Egyptology but will always continue be fascinated by Egyptian history. I think of it as a life-long study – always something new to learn!
      I hope you have a great trip to Egypt this year.
      Best regards

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