5 comments on “Flat Hunting in Luxor

  1. So pleased to read that you were shown our Egyptian Experience apartments but we do have a range of apartments available for rent, studios with garden view and 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments on 1 floor with superb views of the Nile. I am not sure if your agent took you to see our private Nile promenade but it is a great place to watch the beautiful sunsets at the end of the day. Anyway our staff will be very happy to show you the full resort if and when you have time. Details for rent or to buy are on our website http://www.egyptianexperience.co.uk if we can help anytime please do let us know – by the way love your website and the detailed information

    • Many thanks for your comment. The complex really is lovely and I would recommend anyone to get in touch with you to view it.

  2. We are the letting agent http://www.egyptpropertysales.com and I am so happy you managed to see some interesting properties. The villa near Qurna is very beautiful and one of our favourites! Egyptian Experience is also really lovely and has the most fanatastic views. Jenette is absolutley right the corniche is wonderful and I had the opportunity to sit and have a drink there in the evening a few months ago.Thank you for your kind comments Su and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

    The Dahabiya is ” Lara” http://www.sailegypt.com and we are offering special rates for 2011 . Everyone is welcome to come and have alook around if we are not sailing. We are now moored opposite the ferry close to the old ferry.

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