2 comments on “Middle Egypt Archaeology

  1. Can you tell me who organized this tour for you? I have been to Egypt twice and took the same tour both times. I would love to go back and see something different. It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself!


  2. Hi MB

    Thanks for your comment, yes, this was a really great trip. On my first couple of visits to Egypt I did a Nile Cruise with a small UK company, but since 1996 I have just gone on my own or with a friend. This 2003 trip was done with two friends and we organised the whole journey ourselves, deciding before we went what we would like to see. My friend Sam had already travelled a great deal in Egypt and she always uses the same taxi and driver from Luxor. We just hire him and the car for a couple of weeks and tell him where we want to go, arranging hotels etc as we go along. It’s not easy but its very flexible this way.

    There are many companies now (such as Ancient World Tours) that do small tailor-made tours to suit their customers’ requirements and they are able to visit more unusual places. I hope you are able to find what you’re looking for.


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