6 comments on “Another Dream Come True

  1. How extraordinary, Su! What an exciting trip! Was Barry Kemp at the site at the time? You were well prepared having the letter from Zahi, that sounds impressive. Good preparation on your side. The house of Panehesy sounds interesting.

  2. It was really exciting Lenka – I’d always wanted to get to Tell el-Amarna. I don’t think anyone was excavating at the time we were there.
    Apparently the security on the journey there isn’t quite so tight now as it was in 2003. Must be time to go back there…

  3. Hmmm, writing a week later, I doubt the current events are going to help the security situation. In the first place I was not sure why they abandoned the convoys, I very much hope it is safe. Several friends are going over there so we shall find out. Someone wrote to me the other day, he was going to Abydos for some months and told me they had a tank there. 😦 Fingers crossed!

  4. Lenka, I’m convinced the convoys themselves are so much more dangerous than going it alone due to the speed and the mad way the police insist everyone drives. The number of tourists and Egyptian drivers killed over the years in the convoys is horrific (and rarely mentioned).
    As for Abydos, the dear old tank has been there for as long as I can remember – at least the last ten years. I’m sure the security there will be as good as ever. I don’t think it has lessened, just got more sensible.

  5. Those are good & valid points, Su. One should be on the positive side, I think you are right. Talking of which….there are some great deals about, but we have not booked anything…yet.

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