2 comments on “Qurna Nobles Tombs

  1. Su,
    It was exciting to read about the Rekmire tomb. I was drawn to it many years ago by a facsimile published by the Metropolitan In New york. The painting showed three rows of figures. Each row was engaged in a separate motion in space. The row closest is moving up or down (lifting or setting down jars), the next row is moving from right to left (carrying jars) and the final row consists of two observers that are not moving at all. From what I have seen, (hundreds of reproductions) this is a unique representation of depth in Egyptian wall painting – clearly depicted by the imagined animation of the figures.

    I’ve done an animation that I intend to post on my blog in the near future.

    For more about this facsimile painting and many others from the Rekmire tomb:

    The copy was done in the early 1920s by Charles K. Wilkinson. The painting is illustration 34 on page 38 of

    Egyptian wall Paintings , the Metropolitan Museum of art’s Collection of Facsimiles – MMA, New York 1983. Also it can be found in the MMA Bulletin for Spring 1979.

  2. Thanks for your comment Bob. I’ve seen a copy of the facsimile you mention. There are so many innovative and unique designs in Rekhmire’s tomb that I think he must have instructed the artists specially, not just used the usual formulae for tomb painting and the figures are certainly much more animated than is usual. The subjects are unusual too, especially the back-view of a servant girl, said to be the first of its kind. I shall watch out for your animation on your blog with interest.

    Regards, Su

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