4 comments on “Seti I at Qurna

  1. Su,
    The description of the ‘Bringing the Foot’ was a very engaging piece. I had never heard about the dressing and perfuming of an Egyptian God’s statue. Thanks for writing such a vivid description.
    I’m glad that you have recovered and are out riding the Egyptian range. Don’t overdo!

  2. Hi Bob

    Thanks for your comment. I find the concept of feeding and clothing the god statues facinating. The food oferings are a practical practice that means the temple staff are all well fed too. It also helps to explain the theology that Egyptians didn’t just worship stone images but that the statues were thought of as earthly dwelling places for the divine spirit.

    Ragards Su

  3. Hi Su,

    Great article on the temple, I remember it got damaged in a recent flooding, will have to go back next time as we have not visited for over 11 years. (!)
    The camel story sounds funny, my elephant riding in Sri Lanka was not as bad although I could not believe the height!

  4. Thanks Lenka

    There is now no evidence of the flood damage at the Qurna Temple and the German team have done an excellent job on the restoratation. More of the outer buildings seem to appear every year. One of the most impressive new things is a very good plan of the temple on the processional route. Well worth another visit.
    Yes the camel was an experience but I still prefer to walk! But then I’ve never ridden an elephant.


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