3 comments on “A Day at the Monuments

  1. Dear Su,

    What a delightful day that must have been! Sounds like the most perfect day to me. You are very fortunate to have a friend like Jenny. It must be wonderful to discuss things together and be alerted to things one might overlook. I looked up the Temple of Dier el-Shelwit in my Complete temples and in the Atlas, the temple is in both publications, now I know about it. Pity the keys were not available – another reason to go back.

  2. Hi Lenka

    Yes, I actually wrote at the bottom of my diary page ‘What a lovely day’! It does make so much difference to look at the monuments with friends who are as ‘obsessed’ as I am about the history of ancient Egypt.
    Deir el-Shelwit would make a good bike ride for your next visit…..

  3. Thanks Su, I’ll bear it in mind. And yes, “obsessed” is the word Andy uses when discribing us!

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