3 comments on “Socialising

  1. We met Shakespeare, well, who has not?! His English is the best in town, and he reminds me of the Tale of the Eloquent peasant. Eloquent he is. That was the reason we did not visit his boat. Have you ever sailed on the Nile, Su, and were able to listen to the sounds of the river? Possibly, one would have to hop onto The Kingfisher.

  2. Lenka, This was the first and last time I succumbed to Shakespeare’s sailing invitation. I too prefer the silence of the river. Having said that, he can be a very useful source of information and has been quite helpful over the years, which is why I agreed to ‘let him take my money’ on that occasion.

  3. No, I agree – he is an intelligent, well spoken and beautiful man indeed, and I think he means well. I felt he was honest, which I value. He just talks about 150 times more than I can cope with. Actually, I probably am as talkative as he is, when I want to be! haha

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