3 comments on “A Temple of Hathor

  1. When I spent my time, also at least a couple of hours, within the enclosure walls, there were no visitors either. People get dropped off to see the tombs, then some of them walk pass the village wall and off they go to see other sites, not realizing they are missing one of the best preserved Ptolemaic temples and also the Great Pit!

  2. I totally agree Lenka. Maybe they just don’t know about it because there isn’t a separate ticket for the temple. And the pit is certainly interesting but only if you know the significance. Well, this fact makes the Hathor Temple a good place to escape the crowds and get some peace and quiet.

  3. I suppose I should be greatful Deir el-Medina is quiet. I would hate if the site was as busy as Karnak – last time we actually did not visit Karnak temple due to the crowds we could see there. I cannot imagine doing the work I was doing there last February if many visitors were around.

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