5 comments on “A Visit to el-Kab

  1. When I was passing el-Kab in the convoy and hardly had time to take those quick photos of the tombs, I felt I was missing out on an extremely important site. Reading about your day there I now know the feelings were right. I would love to go to the wadi and look for those rock inscriptions. Have you got any photos of the ones you saw?

  2. Thank you for the link, Su. I will be eagerly looking out for the pics on flickr.
    We photographed some graffiti up on the cliffs at Thebes, now I finally got hold of some books with translations, so I shall see if I can find the ones we saw.

  3. To the attention of Su Bayfield:
    Su , I am a student from Barcelona (Spain), and seeing your site, I found pictures of abydos of predynastic tombs, you might say as I can reach them, and if we needed any special permission .
    We are preparing a trip to the area and this is one of the most important places for us.
    If it,s possible you help us , It would be very thankful.

    Sorry if this is not the place to ask these questions.

    Thank you very much.

    ( excuse my limited English )

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