3 comments on “Au Revoir Luxor

  1. Sounds like a good trip!

    I think, if you have any interest at all, you have to go again and again, and absorb everything slowly … so many people have a ‘been there, done that’ attitude about the place, when, in reality, they’ve had to take in so much information in the time available to them that, to use one of my pet expessions, they’re ‘all Pharoahed out’

    What I’d like to do next … and I have to convince my wife it’s a good idea … is take a cruise on one of the old paddle-boats, and take some black-and-white film.

  2. Hi Keith

    You’re so right. It takes many visits and a lot of study as well to really understand what you’re looking at if you’re interested in the monuments.

    I like your plan for a cruise on the paddle-steamer and the b&w photos.

    The things I want to do next are Lake Nasser and Siwa. Unfortunately they are both expensive trips. Maybe next year?? I always like to leave something else to see.

    Regards Su

  3. I got quite ‘sold’ on paddle steamers on the Murray in Australia last year! I know there are 2 on the Nile; arrangements made by ‘Voyages Jules Verne’ … and I wonder if you could go any cheaper by booking direct rather than going through an agency?

    I thoroughly recommend the Lake Nasser cruise. You can see the monuments (or rather, COULD, in 1997!) as they should be seen, rather than surrounded by hawkers selling tawdry tat!

    If you can’t make Egypt for a while, how about going to the Debod Temple, in Madrid? (There’s photographs and a short description in my blog) That’s one of the ones rescued from Lake Nasser, and given to nations who helped in the UNESCO project.

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