2 comments on “Esna Lock

  1. I always remember Esna for the traders that used to stand on the side of the locks … a thing of the past; when I visited in 1996, there was only a soldier with a rifle. But, I do have some footage of the boat in front of us, which forgot to remove the awning on its upper deck before it locked up. Alas, I can’t share it, because my camcorder then was an old-fashioned analogue one.

    I’m surprised the sinking of the cruise boat didn’t seem to make the news here; this is the first I’d heard of it!


    Travelrat (Keith)

  2. Keith

    Thanks for your comment. Nobody seems to have heard about the cruiseboat sinking – maybe it was hushed up a little so that tourists weren’t discouraged. But everyone in Luxor was talking about it over the next few days.

    I remember all the little boys in tiny boats trying to sell things. They would throw up their wares onto the deck for our approval. Needless to say quite a lot landed in the river!


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