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  1. I bought four types of oil from you in Egypt and have forgotten what I can use them for Lotus Flower, Nefertity, Bitter Sweet and Frankincense.Please can you let me know?

    • hi Robin Lotus flower and Nefertity Frankincense used as perfume best way to use it pure or you might mix it 10 % Essence:90% Alcohol
      Lotus is only Local Egyptian Essence no where alse you could find
      was one of the three gifts given to the Baby Jesus by the Three Magi, recorded as being of equal value with myrrh and gold.used to slow down the pulse and deepen respiration, keeping meditation focuses and helping the mind stay on prayer.Frankincense is perhaps the one of the most important aromatic incenses. It was an offering to the baby Jesus by the 3 wise men,it is mentioned 22 times in the bible.The deep benefits of this oil to focus consciousness and gain transcendent awareness .It have the ability to calm and center the mind and to cease mental chatter, agitation, and worry.encourage our spirits to soar, freeing us from feelings of oppression, the mundane and ties to the past. It is a perfect aid
      in meditation and transcendent awareness.Frankincense’s nature is to strengthen our
      awareness of our own inner light

  2. Robin
    I’ve just returned from Egypt and can tell you that Frankincence is a “spice scent” and a medicinal, you can either add a few drops to boiling water to inhale the vapour or put some on a tissue, it works quite well to clear a stuffy nose. As for the others, which fall into the perfumes type I only know about Lotus as we were told that Egypt is the only place you can purchase it unblended as an essence. It was originally used to anoint the Pharos and believed to ensure a long life. It certainly has a long life itself as some alabaster jars found in King Tut’s tomb contained Lotus essence which is still emitting it’s odour at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

  3. We have also returned from a Nile cruise and the vey same perfume factory! And am also having difficulty remembering what perumes are or whom they are for and what they do! Sounded good at the time though.. any clues on the following:

    Amon Ra (no 36)
    Scent of Araby (13)
    Royal Ambar (40)
    Sesemi Oil (43)

    Exellent tour – we went with African Safari Club over the Christmas holiday sailing on the MS Da Vinci.

    • Hi Niell,We ve just come home from the same cruise on the Da Vinci also with African Safari Club.It was great and a wonderful experience.We also bought some products from the Perfume factory including Amber.I can help you with Sesame.= Internal =2 drops in your drink twice a day before meal
      External=Mix 3 teaspoons of Sesame with 20 drops of vegetable oil and massage into skin.Hope this helps.If you get any info re Amber can you pass it on.Thanks

    • Royal Amber :
      used for anti stress, depression, concentration, clear mind
      Add 2 drops into the palm of your hands rub it together then inhale it deep

  4. Hi Neill

    Glad you had such a good time on your Nile Cruise. I can’t really be much help with your perfumes as each place has different names and numbers of their own and it’s 13 years since I was at the Sultan Palace. It sounds like these are names of their own perfume mixes.
    Maybe Sesemi oil is just that – Sesame oil, but it would be odourless. It was called ‘neheh’ in Ancient Egypt and used for cooking, lamps and anointing.

  5. The perfumefactory you talk about, el sultan palace in aswan, does anyone knowe where I can get in contact with them?.
    I refuse to travel to egypt again just to find possibly the best perfume I have ever had, 6 Lotus =).

  6. Joel, I have a fax and telephone number for el sultan palace in Aswan:
    Tel: 002 097 2312712
    Fax: 002 097 2309383

    I would be glad to hear if you are able to order from them. I have just returned from a trip and although I bought 4 bottles there was another I subsequently wished I’d bought!

    • I had bought a bottle of Musk from them in 2009 and would like to know whether you did in fact contact them and they were able to send your request and also how did you pay. Many thanks

  7. Hi all of you who purchased perfume at the New El Sultan in Aswan. We visited and bought perfume and medicinal oils on our recent Nile Cruise. I certainly feel ‘conned’ as there is little smell in the 2 different perfumes. They barely last 30 minutes. I would not recommend this place.

  8. Hi Daphne

    Thanks for your observation. I’m sorry you were dissatisfied with your oils. It’s 15 years since I personally was at the el-Sultan Palace and I didn’t buy anything on that occasion, but I regularly buy perfume oils in Egypt and generally find them much better and longer lasting than their equivilent ‘designer perfumes’. As for medicinal oils – they should be the pure oils (and usually are). I find it’s better to avoid the lavish tourist places and buy from smaller vendors where the locals shop. The Khan el-Khalili bazaar in Cairo is an excellent place to find really good perfumes and oils.

  9. Joel
    Please let me know if you can order my husband smells gorgeous in 36-Amon Ra – its lovely and I love the Secret Garden – forgot number.

    Daphne – I think maybe you went somewhere different El Sultan perfumes are wonderful

  10. Hi,we ve just returned from a Nile Cruise and among the places we visited was the EL SULTAN PERFUMES PALACE in ASWAN.One of the items we bought was
    Amber.It acts on and I quote=The insomnia general asthenia,anxiety stress,restless sleep and frequent awakenings.Unquote.There are no instructions on how to apply.I dont know if we drink it, rub it in, sniff it etc can you help or do you have an e mail address for the factory which I can use.
    Many thanks I Sansbury

    • YOU CAN’T DRINK AMBER it’s only for external use
      Royal Amber :
      used for anti stress, depression, concentration, clear mind
      Add 2 drops into the palm of your hands rub it together then inhale it deep
      if you want to use it for insomnia restless sleep massage few drops on the back of your nick before going to bed

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